RTTY Configuration for DXlog

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RTTY configuration

Settings for RTTY decoder types and paths to decoders


  1. Set the radio buttons for the correct RTTY decoder engine
  2. Set the paths to the relevant RTTY decoder engines
  3. Set tick box options as appropriate for your operation.

Number of decoders

Up to two decoders can be used per audio channel (radio). Set the path to each decoder, please note that the decoder for each radio must be in a separate folder on the PC hard drive.

Path for mmtty / 2Tone

Normal path for MMTTY is C:\ham\mmtty or c:\mmtty

Normal path for 2Tone could be c:\2Tone or c:\ham\2Tone\

SO2R operation and folders

If want to use multiple decoders or SO2R/SO3R ! Use own folder for radio 1 and radio 2.

For example c:\ham\radio1\mmtty and c:\ham\radio2\mmtty

DXlog supports SO2R with two computers

You can alternative use SO2R/SO2V or RUN/inband with two computers in network. Just enable network checked via wifi/wired/VPN hamachi and use the built in numberserver + having access to 4 VFO and 4 decoders.


Check Enable Network

The number server is activated in the Options|Configure network panel, described in configure network


in Settings for Network


 Options networking menu.png

  • MMVARI Multimode - For MMVARI select MMVARI from the radio buttons.
  • GRITTY RTTY Decoder - To use VE3NEA's GRITTY decoder then select the tickbox, GRITTY must be installed and running, GRITTY uses it's own decode window, simply click on the callsign required in the GRITTY decode screen and it will be transfered to DXLog callsign input line.