About RTTYops

Founded in 2004 to save & activate RTTY and engage RTTY activity in DX and Contesting

Founded by LB3RE (ex LA6FJA), ON4BPM/SQ5BPM in SP5ZCC during WPX RTTY.

Later years we had operation from Montenegro YU6AO and also from Norway LN5O with ON4BPM/SQ5BPM & S53NW during Multi operations in CQ WPX RTTY.

RTTYops Facebook  site been managed by WK6I, LB3RE + few more.

Logrobot by HA8RT 

The Facebook site is managed by WK6I Jeff & LB3RE "RAG" Stein Roar 

Facebook RTTY Operators (facebook.com) 

Twitter https://twitter.com/rttyops