RTTYops Weeksprint

Aim of Contest:

To get activity in RTTY worldwide, anybody work everyone


  • Tuesday 1700-1900 UTC
  • Thursday 1700-1900 UTC

Band:  80, 40, 20m

Bands: 20, 40 and 80 meter only.

Power:  Any powerlimit regarding your countrylimit.

Pilot frequencies are:

20: 14085. ( 14070-14125)

40: 7040 – 7080 ( 7040-7090)

80: 3585 ( 3570 – 3625)




All of the following data MUST BE PART OF THE EXCHANGE:

Your Callsign

The Other Station’s Callsign

Your serial number starting from 001 (RST not required)

Your name or nickname

Please note that BOTH stations MUST repeat BOTH callsigns DURING the exchange.

A valid exchange is:

‘’OK2FD de I2UIY 118 Paolo” ‘’I2UIY de OK2FD 145 Bob ’’

while “OK2FD 118 Paolo ‘’ is NOT a valid exchange.


His station call + de mycall + QSO nr + Name


MM3AWD de LB3RE 001 Rag

LB3RE de MM3AWD 007 Scott


1th CQ

2nd Answer plus QSO a station

3rd Station give you QSO data

4th you confirm QSO

1. Submit score to 3830 scores (1. Submit score to 3830 scores ( primary)

You can also send log to email(until we get logrobot) :

Tuesday: rtty-week-tuesday(a)rttyops.com

Thursday: rtty-week-thursday(a)rttyops.com

LOGGING SOFTWARE: Old setup of EUSPRINT, only for exchange!

Only Exchange is the same as OLD EU SPRINT, but everyone can work anyone and also HP/QRO.